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The Sower

The Sower by Jean-François Millet - 1865
pastel on paper - 21" x 17" - Walters Art Museum, Baltimore

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What is Your Three-Paragraph Story?

a little boy and a little girl skipping

"We're Saved! We're Saved!"

In the late 1960's, there were two godly women who traveled throughout Southeastern Michigan in the summer, providing vacation Bible School for small churches. Lila and Eileen came to our church in 1969. God used their songs, skits, games, and Bible stories to point us all to Jesus. As a 5 year-old, I raised my hand with my best friend Jay, indicating we wanted Jesus to come into our hearts and be our Savior. All the way home we shouted, "WE'RE SAVED! WE'RE SAVED!" Of course we didn’t really know what we were saved from. Even so God took my fledgling faith – smaller than a mustard seed and I committed to follow Him.


Over the years many circumstances caused my faith to blow hot and cold. I couldn't make up my mind if I wanted to live for myself, or cling to Jesus. However, I found myself living a double-life: Monday-Saturday I was in charge; on Sundays I attempted to "clean up my act" and present myself as “just fine.”  It all came crashing down in my late 20’s. I was a mess. Thankfully, Jesus had me – and skipping over many more steps in my story I chose to surrender fully to him.


Thirty-five years later, I find myself living for Jesus as a jail chaplain, serving as a missionary with my husband of nearly thirty years! Our motto is, "To know Christ and to make him known." 


God is so very kind and so very faithful. He never let me go. 


- Betsy

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We would like to share your story of how you came to follow Jesus.
Share your story in three paragraphs here:

Use the worksheet below to assist you in writing your story.

We Are a Body Life Church

The Bible often uses the analogy of the Human Body to speak of the Church

  • The human body is a unit (one) made up of many parts.

  • Each part is important and needed.

  • Each part has a function that contributes to the whole.

  • Parts of the human body function interdependently.

  • Parts of the human body are dependent on the brain for growth, health, and directives.

  • Jesus is the Head of the Body and we are members of one another.

Body Life Defined:

If the Church is to function similar to the human body, then Body Life is how we relate to one another in ways that demonstrate:

  • Unity out of diversity … every part is important and needed

  • Interdependence on one another … every part contributing to the other parts

  • Dependence on the Head … every part living according to the directives of Christ

These are the key passages related to God’s design for the Church:

Body Life - By Ray C. Stedman - (read online)

The book that inspired a return to the Church's real meaning and mission.

Bible study lessons on the biblical theme of Body Life

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