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We Are a Body Life Church

The Bible often uses the analogy of the Human Body to speak of the Church

  • The human body is a unit (one) made up of many parts.

  • Each part is important and needed.

  • Each part has a function that contributes to the whole.

  • Parts of the human body function interdependently.

  • Parts of the human body are dependent on the brain for growth, health, and directives.

  • Jesus is the Head of the Body and we are members of one another.

Body Life Defined:

If the Church is to function similar to the human body, then Body Life is how we relate to one another in ways that demonstrate:

  • Unity out of diversity … every part is important and needed

  • Interdependence on one another … every part contributing to the other parts

  • Dependence on the Head … every part living according to the directives of Christ

These are the key passages related to God’s design for the Church:

Body Life - By Ray C. Stedman - (read online)

The Book That Inspired a Return to the Church's Real Meaning and Mission


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